We bring imagination into existence

We do it through the most precise positioning technology ever invented. Ours.

Our Technology

Our portfolio of proprietary positioning and sensor network technologies have been especially conceived to augment our partners' products with ultra-accurate location based functionalities. Whether they need the most complex telemetry or the simplest crowd monitoring system to exchange data fast and reliably, we got them covered.

Retrace-light™ was developed as an alternative lightweight version of Retrace™ when the deployment of fixed reference stations is not an option. Its 70cm accuracy in the worst case is enough for a wide number of applications that need sub-meter precision while keeping worldwide coverage. It is also recommended as an alternative when in need of broad range sensor data collection and processing.

Retrace™ was created to monitor and improve athletes performances. Given the strict accuracy requirements for kinematic profiling, the system has been designed to offer decimetric accuracy. The use of multiple satellite contellations (GNSS) together with the differential isotropic corrections from a small reference station guarantees maximum performance and high expandability.

Insight™ is an active RF-based real time locating platform that allows tracking of people and assets within room accuracy. The main advantage of this unobtrusive system is its capability to support monitoring of thousands of objects at an extremely competitive cost. Ideal use cases are hospitals, universities and musea.

Anyware™ is a revolutionary ultra wide band positioning and data system that allows for decimetric accuracy indoor and outdoor where satellites signals are not available. This ground-breaking technology allows for picosecond resolution without any time synchronization needed. This is why it provides unprecedented performance at a fraction of other systems' cost.

ReTrace Light™
Use Outdoor Outdoor Indoor Outdoor/Indoor
Type GNSS+ D-GNSS+ UHF 433Mhz UWB 6-8Ghz
Range Unlimited 30Km Building 200m
Accuracy 70cm 5cm Room Level 15cm
Sensor Network
3D Positioning

Anything one man can imagine,
other men can make real.

- Jules Verne -

Our Business Model

We work with a single partner per vertical. We provide our technology in exclusivity and develop a new product together for which we share revenues. We scale when they scale. We succeed, when they succeed.

For our partners this is a deal. They access an exclusive realtime locating technology and a team with decades of experience in developing location based solutions.

Location Based Services

Precise positioning can be used to offer LBS services for a number of venues, including shopping malls, theme parks and fairs.

Sport Data Broadcasting

Real time, fast telemetrics are of vital importance for sub-verticals like betting, and augmented television broadcasting.

Structural Engineering

Only using millimetric positioning you will be able to tell when the foundations of a building are weakening, and need immediate repairs.


Our centimetric indoor locationing system makes warehouse management and asset tracking as trivial as checking your email.


Real time telemetrics can be used to correctly diagnose concussions, and lead doctors to give appropiate emergency support.


Knowing where a car is parked with sub-meter accuracy opens new possibilities, like automated parking systems & indoor parking management.

Use Cases

Our team

At Beestar, we hold more than 50 years of cumulative experience developed in several key fields, and matured by working in conjunction with world class companies all around the globe. No matter the challenge, our team can make it a reality with professionalism and passion.

  • Emanuele Francioni


    Emanuele is Beestar's glorious leader. He is also a skilled bass guitarist and semi-professional fencer.

  • Charlotte Aldarwish


    Charlotte is Beestar's head of strategy. She bakes the best carrot cakes in Amsterdam, and punched a ninja in the face once.

  • Sergey Vladimirov


    Sergey is Beestar's head of technology. He can create working circuit boards using only a fork, tape and gunpowder.

  • Fulvio Venturelli


    Fulvio is Beestar's head of Operations. He eats HTML5 for breakfast and makes 8-bit games in his spare time.


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